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Center on Governance through Human Rights

The Center on Governance through Human Rights


Human rights are increasingly making headlines. But their day-to-day implementation falls far behind the possibilities. To increase the level of human rights compliance governance through human rights offers alternatives and solutions.

Rampant violence and abuse against women and minorities, committed ethnic cleansing, cyber crime, migrant worker and refugee abuses, or repression against civil society (to name just a few) – these violations have sparked a fresh debate on the issues of human rights and good governance. Coming to terms with these human rights abuses in all parts of life, business and politics alike, and preventing them from happening again, is at the core of all human rights related work.

The Center aims to conduct and work in following areas:

  • Studies and transdisciplinary research. The studies and research will focus on the mutual relationship between governance and human rights. This brings together views from different disciplines such as social sciences, law, economics or philosophy; the private as well as public sector and sciences. This triangular approach combines multiple perspectives as well as knowledge and experience from academics and practitioners. Affiliated researchers from around the world contribute with their expertise and background to the studies and profound papers that will be produced.
  • Advisory function. The Center will take on an advisory function for national governments, organized civil society organizations as well as companies. The Center combines policy consultants, researchers and experts with years of experience in their respective fields (i.e. publishing, campaigning, advocacy, fact finding in the field of governance and human rights).
  • Training and project-centric education. The Center will combine good governance and human rights principles in order to advance and strengthen sustainable decision and policy making processes in societies. These training and education offerings will focus on students, diplomats, NGOs, policy makers and business. The capacity building programs are based on best practice examples and are especially important in regions dealing with social transformation. The Center’s collaboration with the Leuphana University on the Master Program on Governance and Human Rights is part of it academic outreach in higher human rights education.
  • Governance and Human Right Lecture series. The Center will invite guest speakers on a regular basis, who will elaborate on the inter-linkage between governance and human rights from their professional background experience. Speakers will come from companies, governments, NGOs or international organizations and private initiatives. Collaboration with other institutions, centers, universities or think tanks are anticipated.
  • Transitional Justice Lecture Series 2015-2016, Berlin